Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the method of increasing a website position on search engine sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO strategy helps to grow your sales and revenue for your business with the help of consumer traffic to your website. Basically, we will help you to create your brand awareness organically on Google and various other Search Engines.

If we compare the other digital marketing tools like pay per click advertising, SEO will not provides you the overnight results. It can take a month or more to give best results. But, these results are often worth the wait.

A good SEO is always depend upon the following factors:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Headings
  • Content
  • Images
Why SEO is important

This is a big question that every person is asking for. Importance of SEO is that it will increase your business and helps to grow more locally as well as globally. With our help, Search Engines are getting smarter as we are providing good content for website which deserves to be rank first.

SEO techniques are very useful for start-ups and small enterprises to increase their sales and growth in a short span of time. In short, if we understand the importance of SEO, it is if someone will type a keyword related to your business on search engine then your website must be shown on the first page or at the top position.

Why should you hire us

BBO have the capability to beat others in SEO strategies and helps you to boost your sales as well as digital campaigns and take your business towards the success. We work as per the following norms:

  • We gives organic results that any other company cannot compete with.
  • We have professional experts who helps you to grow your business more.
  • We works on a budgeted cost as compared to other SEO companies.
  • We follow the true marketing techniques and do not follow the black hat.
  • We work as per our commitment.
Social Media Marketing (SMM):

BBO helps to improve the website ranking. To know how we do this by using methods like SMO, firstly you have to learn what SMM is. It is the process of generating awareness of the brand, product, and services using various social – media platforms and communities. It is an eye-catching and different way to engage the targeted audience. There are various SMO companies available in the market, but choose the one which gives you the best SMO service.

We do social media merketing for various platforms as per below:

Facebook Marketing

BBO provides the well managed Facebook Marketing for companies. Facebook is a very popular social media platform to target the specified audience. So, to increase the brand awareness, we adopt facebook marketing.

  • Increased website traffic
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Helps business to grow socially
  • Free exposure
Twitter Marketing

BBO advertise your brand on twitter platform as well. Our well managed campaign gives you a connectivity across the world. Below mentioned are some points of twitter marketing strategy.

  • Profile Creation
  • Optimization of audience
  • Account monitoring
  • Campaign management
Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the most trending platform for marketing. You can promote your brand or business by creating videos. BBO provides you the best youtube promotion service with following strategy.

  • Video Promotion
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign management
  • Increased branding and audience
  • YouTube Views
  • YouTube Subscriber
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube Comments
  • YouTube Watch Hours
  • YouTube Trending
  • YouTube Monetization
  • YouTube Verification
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the type where commission is earned by promoting other people’s products and services online. BBO opts the following strategy for affiliate marketing.

  • Choose suitable affiliate
  • Generating lead based on commission
  • Cost per Lead (CPL) marketing
LinkedIn Marketing

linkedIn is the platform to establish a connection between an organization and targeted audience. BBO helps you to stay with your customer by following strategy.

  • Create Company page
  • B2B lead generation
  • Create business awareness
  • Highlight best content to increase followers
Instagram Marketing

BBO helps you get a blue tick of approval on instagram. We also helps you to connect with your targeted audience and other market offerings.

  • Build brand awareness
  • Blue tick approval
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Complete audit of instagram account
Why choose BBO for SMM?
    • We do a proper analysis of your business and make a strategy that works.
    • Our team of professional SMM experts create quality content which will increase your brand & awareness.
    • Helps to increase your revenue and sales online.
    • Our tailored SMM plan delivers high traffic conversion to your websites.
  • Extract information (Contact Details) from Websites
  • Extract Product details from multiple Websites
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the core element of our Digital marketing services are very useful in generating traffic very easily. In today’s competitive world every business especially small business should go for the PPC services. There are lots of reasons to have PPC service for your business as it can increase your sales and can deliver more traffic for your business in very less time. It will help you to reach the targeted audience and get brand recognition.

    When you choose the best fit PPC channel, it is important to choose the best PPC agency for your business or company. PPC is an online direct advertising method used to drive direct traffic to the website, where the advertisers pay the website owners whenever the ad is clicked. When you search any keyword the sponsored ads in search results you see on the top of the result page is PPC advertising.

    Your main target remains to get organic traffic. Our targeted campaigns will help your products or services to reach a huge audience. We offer empowered search engine marketing using campaigns ensuring that in result your website gets high visibility and high conversion rates.

    Big Brand Online – BBO  offers a PPC audit service to clients who want to increase their traffic, brand reputation and generate leads in no time. Our experienced PPC managers will deeply examine your account and give you the best advice according to the need. We start the whole process from website analysis and keyword research PPC data and did the necessary changes which will produce instant ROI. We will identify the errors in your account and inform you about the changes needed to be done for the improvement of your account performance.

    PPC is the form of a well-planned approach as it is up to the latest trends and will build your brand name. We work with passion and creativity and that is shown in the results which came after our efforts in running successful campaigns. Customer satisfaction is the first thing we focus on.

    Benefits of PPC Advertising

    PPC helps to generate more and organic traffic to your website. It is known as the most effective form of advertising technique to reach the targeted client. Your website traffic will increase rapidly in no time and with relevant traffic. It will increase ROI and ultimately increase visibility, brand awareness, leads, and sales.

    Our listing for Pay per Click
    • Local Paid Search
    • PPC Optimization
    • Display Advertising
    • Account Management
    • PPC Campaign Management
    • Keyword Research and Targeting
    • Detailed Progress Report

    So, if you are planning to move ahead among your competitors, please consult with BBO. We offer tailored solutions to our clients. We give our full efforts to give100% ROI to our clients. We know that a long-lasting and successful relationship is based on trust and mutual benefits. We offer services from business hubs to multinational e-commerce brands and small scale businesses, by applying the right strategies to increase their business.